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The AltoLab simulates the reduced oxygen levels of high altitude, training the body and mind to achieve the advantages associated with living at altitude.

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Altitude Training with AltoLab

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AltoLab BOOST | Portable Altitude Simulator

The AltoLab BOOST kit is intended for teams or clinics where an oximeter is available or shared. This kit has enough supplies for about 6 days of simulated altitude.


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AltoLab Platinum BOOST | Portable Altitude Simulator

The most effective way athletes improve power 100% Lab Tested! 3-5% increase in sports performance. More affordable than a trip the mountains!


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AltoLab ULTRA | Portable Altitude Simulator

Lightweight and easliy transported! No power source required - your lungs provide the power! 3-5% increase in sports performance. 100% lab tested.


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AltoLab ELITE | Portable Altitude Simulator

The AltoLab ELITE portable altitude simulator kit is the option for those who are looking to complete a full 3-months of training.


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Andy Krebs, Ironman & Triathlete

"It's hard to go to Flagstaff and train living in the valley, AltoLab is the perfect solution because it fits my lifestyle, it's portable and easy to use."

Steve Donaldson, Cyclist & Personal Trainer

"The benefit is so noticable it's not a small difference, the breathing, the heart rate is so low and being able to hammer without getting tired is what turned me on to it."

About Us

PharmaPacific led by Andrew Backhaus, PhD began in 2004 as the international distributor of AltoLab - the first patented simulated altitude training system that was both portable and low cost.

Located in Tempe, Arizona, AltoLabUSA began in 2005 as a way to educate, develop and market the AltoLab technology in North America.